chitchat is an electro-pop duo emerging from the flourishing music scene of Denver, Colorado. combining Josh Kern’s calculated, dynamic instrumentation with Madisen Kwon’s deeply emotive vocals, chitchat is crafting a sound uniquely powerful and accessible.

chitchat’s debut release, a cover of Lorde’s ‘Supercut’, drew the interest of electronic industry taste-makers Proximity and saw a re-release under their label in August of 2019. chitchat followed with the single ‘Right Here’ in September of 2019 which saw numerous Spotify Editorial Playlist placements.

the attention generated from these initial releases is only just the beginning for chitchat. a handful of originals and music videos are set to follow throughout the rest of 2019.



“[chitchat] have transformed the uptempo hit single into a warm, emotive, house-influenced masterpiece. Reminiscent of Hayden James and Disclosure, the tune carries a nostalgic-tinge similar to the soundtracks heard in coming-of-age rom-coms. Soothing, impassioned, and groovy, chitchat’s “Supercut” is a track built for feel-good summer playlists.”


“[Right Here] buzzes with analogue electronics and sweet vocals in a way that reminds me of Sylvan Esso. The production work here is impeccable and full of little touches. The deep synths, rhythms that pop and crack with a burst of treble, and a vocal that playfully cuts back and forth, childlike in its unbridled enthusiasm.”